Broome is a coastal and a great community in Kimberley region of Western Australia. This is a large city famous for its numerous tourist attractions for Best honeymoon destinations in Australia such as the cable Beach, Roebuck Bay, Pearling Industry among others.

Aside from the tourist attractions, which could be discover in the town, Broome is also known as home for the world’s oldest open-air cinema popularly known as the Sun picture Garden. Previously moving into wonderful features of this great city lets quickly see little of its history.

Where the red dirt connects the ocean, the colourful pearling capital of Broome beckons travellers from around Australia and the world.

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Once consider a sleepy outback pearling town, Broome has long been renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and unique character.

This pearl stay in the heart of the North West is a gateway to the west Kimberley with all of its adventures, but offers plenty of reasons to stay for a romantic break, a family holiday or a fishing adventure.

The town is enclosed by the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, with the white sandy stretch of Cable Beach contrasting with the red rocks of Gantheaume Point and the dusky sands of Roebuck Bay.  Solid to explore, Broome’s two main areas are Chinatown in the heart of old Broome, and Cable Beach, home to resorts and restaurants.

Broome is also the gateway to further adventure in the Kimberley region, with enlarged tours and cruises departing from Broome as well as car and campervan hire.

How to get to Broome

Broome is maintain by twice daily direct flights from Perth year round, with seasonal direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Australia holiday Packages from India.

When to travel to Broome

The warm and dry winter months, from May to October, is the Kimberley’s Dry Season and the most visitor time to travel. A little number of visitors choose to travel in the quater months between November and April, during the Wether Season. Several tours and accommodation options may not be available at this time of year.

Broome’s nature environment brings visitors from around the world. The wonderful turquoise waters and the intensely coloured red earth leave an indelible impression and continue to inspire artists and photographers.

Roebuck Bay is a have thousands of migratory birds, and the waters around Broome attract fishing enthusiasts keen to try their hand at catching some of the tropical species. There are various Whales, dolphins and turtles all populate local waters, and the dinosaurs that roamed the ancient lands have justify their mark, with their footsteps preserved in reef rock  Roebuck Bay and along with the coast towards the Dampier Peninsula.

Know about the rough and tumble early days of pearling, when Broome’s name was known the world over for the size and quality of its mother of pearl, and browse the jewellery showrooms to find the exquisite Australian South Sea Pearl. Proof of the past can be seen around the town, along with restored pearling luggers, the world’s oldest outdoor picture gardens and heritage buildings.  Book Australia family tour package from India.