Journey towards mind-blowing, PERTH

Australia is a Nation of ultra ordinary places. This is our fourth journey towards, PERTH. Perth is very well-known for superb sea beaches, as well as, lively BARS and Restaurants. Perth is at Australia’s west coast, with breathtaking beaches and most satisfied Restaurants. We can have direct flights from many of the places to Perth and its only 35 minutes run by car towards city, from airport. Travel Agency in Delhi

Cottesloe Beach:


It will not wrong to say that Cottesloe Beach is a pin-up beach of PERTH. It is only 20 minutes drive from PERTH city centre. Cottesloe is with its feathery soft blonde sand, its clear Aquamarine Ocean, its grassed terraces and its sprawling Norfolk pines. It looks its best in the morning time. Waves are generally gentle but surf lifesavers are regularly on duty, look for the red and yellow flags and swim between them. Marine Parade, which runs parallel to the coast, has numerous cafes and bars that complete the attention. Perth is best Destination for honeymoon in Australia.

Mattams Pool:


Mattams Pool is the most popular beach of Perth’s northern beaches. It offers interesting snorkelling, with shallow access to leafy sea grasses and intricately patterned fish, starfish and octopuses. We can fell a part of happy local scene, after a swim. We can move to YELO, for the best coffee of that area. The beach is regularly patrolled by surf lifesavers.

Bathers Beach:


Bathers Beach is the first stretch of urban sand in Australia, to be granted liquor licence, so expect to find a convivial scene in front of Bathers Beach House. Despite being in the heart of Fremantle, the petite, 300 meters long beach has a secluded feel and is largely frequented by locals who are very fond of their little secret. Bathers Beach is between the Fishing Boat Harbour and an 1830’s jail called the Round House. We can have the most popular cafes with sun umbrella on the beach for more enjoying.

Leighton Beach:


If we wants to feel like we have arrived in the Caribbean, head to Leighton Beach. It is 1.5 kilometres long straight stretch of powdery sand is blindingly white, turning the shallow sea a light shade of azure, and therefore we need the sun glasses with us when we are on beach to enjoy. Facing the coast, there is a exclusive restaurant for lunch named, Bib and Tucker. Leighton is also popular with dog owners. Best Australia Adventure tour Package from India.

City Beach:


Its only 15 minutes drive for City Beach, from Perth city centre. So we can say that, this is the nearest beach from PERTH CITY. It is framed by Odyssea, which has a chic but casual feel, Hamptons, which attracts a fancier crowd, and rise, a pizzeria. Beach itself is a lovely stretch, though waves can be powerful at times, and the wind often blows strong at the end of the day.

This was the journey towards PERTH’s mind blowing beaches. But PERTH is having the extra ordinary hotels also like, “Como the Treasury”, “Crown Towers Perth”, “Alex Hotel”, “The Terrace Hotel”, “The Richardson Hotel and Spa” and “Hougoumont Hotel”. There are also so many breakfast restaurants, when we can enjoy our food with drink.